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    Parents and Children
    Regaining Child Custody
    Children should be raised in a stable environment by their real parents whenever possible

Getting Custody

It can be heart-wrenching to lose custody of your children and to face limited time with them. If the court believes that your children are in a better situation with another family or person, custody may be taken away. If this has happened to you, know that your situation is not hopeless and that there are ways for you to regain custody of your children when you are ready.

  • Consider What Went Wrong
    Review all the facts of the matter

    Why was custody awarded to someone else? Was it because of abuse or neglect? What went wrong in your life that made the judge think that your children were safer with their grandparents, the child's other parent, or the foster system? If you can correctly identify what went wrong and why, then you can make the necessary changes in your life that are needed to fix and rectify the situation.

  • Retain an Attorney
    Professional help is essential

    If you plan to seek custody of your children after losing them, it's a good idea to have a lawyer on your side. The legal system can be complicated, and without help you may feel as if you are drowning. Your chances of success are greatly increased with the right advocate in your corner. A Grapevine child custody professional in Texas recommends seeking help immediately after losing custody for quicker results.

  • Follow the Court's Instructions
    The key to achieving success

    Many times when children are taken away, there is a legal path to getting them back. The court may ask you to seek and stick with a treatment program, show up at hearings, keep appointments to see your children with their guardian, or meet with a mediator regularly. Always show up on time and do exactly what you have been asked to do, and your chances of getting your children back increase.

Be Patient

Once someone else has been given custody of your children, it takes time and patience to get them back. During that time, make sure that you take advantage of every chance and opportunity you have to see your children. Remember that you still have rights to be with them, but remain courteous and polite whenever engaging with their guardians and the case worker assigned to you.

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